Friday, 10 March 2017

Drennan Alders Farm Pines Lake 10 03 17

A little bit of a change from the norm today, I did not fish a match and have to work all weekend so getting out is impossible. So a pleasure session was on the cards. Originally both Mick and I had planned a trip to Meadowlands to plunder the carp and get some practice in for the May festival at Stafford Moor. However reading the rules, they do not allow 8mm pellets until April, so a quick change of venue was called for. We both like Pines Lake at Alders Farm so that was the venue sorted.
Tackle and baits were swapped around, no bombs or wagglers were going in my bag. I fancied a day on the corn. This has not worked properly since everyone started catching on the maggot, so I thought it was time to give it a go. If it did not work it won't cost me anything, if it worked I could be one step ahead of the game.
Mick fancied getting his elastics sorted for our Marsh matches so it benefited us both. Mick wanted to sit on peg 1, a peg he had never fished before, so I snuck in on peg 2 to keep him company.I set up to fish 3 lines, one at 12.5m, another at 5m and a margin swim to the post. Floats were DT Open water diamonds set on .20 Stream to a size 16 B911X a bulk just above halfway to allow a slow drop in the final third. Only difference was I set up a .5g float for 5m and .6 for the longer line. The margin was one of my favourite floats. a Del Smith Green, again .20 to a size 16 B911X.
At the all in, I started off by potting in a small pot of pellet and corn to 12.5 and a pot of the new Groundbait being developed by Trevor Price at GOT Baits to the right hand margin. I threw half a dozen grains of corn to 5m and started off fishing at 12.5m. Mick starting off on the pellet feeder to the corner, so much for sorting elastics.
Second put in at 12.5 saw a nice common about 5lb grace the net, next put in a skimmer around 2lb. Lovely fish in perfect condition. After half an hour I had put three carp in the landing net plus the skimmer. I had been throwing three of four grains every minute to the top 4 line and fancied it would produce so dropped onto it earlier than I would do normally, 10 fish in the next hour plus a couple more skimmers before the line slowed, I would still get bites but was waiting longer for them.
A quick look over the GB saw a common around the 7lb mark trying to get around the post before succumbing to the black hydro, but nothing else. Back to 5m and tried to fish the bait a little up the shelf, it only varied by about 2 inches but it seemed to have the desired effect as I was soon sitting on 27 carp.
Mick had ditched the feeder and was catching on a topkit both sides, but I felt I was always in front. Terry, Trevor and Jim had all come to be nosy and see how it was fishing as there is an Open there on Sunday.
Another look at 12.5m , a couple of skimmers and smaller stamp carp around 3lb, before again dying. Back to 5m and I was still feeding small amounts of corn, I felt a change was needed so potted a pot of the groundbait to see if this made any difference. Do not get me wrong, I was catching just feeding corn, but the difference over the GB was an eye opener. From proper buries on the float I was getting smaller indications and after missing a few, I started to connect well and soon boosted the weight to over the ton. Mick was trying a different GB and again the fish were more positive over the GB rather than the loose feed.
When the time was up, Mick ending up with 30 fish for around 120lb, myself with 45 fish for a good 150lb plus 7 skimmers for another 15lb. One thing I will say is that there were few small twisters showing, I think we both had one each, were the average fish was around 4 1/5lb. Perhaps the corn will have its day again. Who knows but I will definitely be giving it another run out. Shame there was no MK Nugget on it.

Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Drennan Alders Farm Tuesday Open 21 02 2017

First of all I need to apologise to Mick for not covering last weeks match on the blog. However you do not have a lot to write about when you have 2 bites all match, one from a skimmer that came off half way back and the other from a crayfish that do not count. So a blank for me and 19lb for Mick from Peg 6 was enough for Mick to take a 2-0 lead in the MK Nugget stakes.
So onto today's match, a change of lake and hopefully a change of luck. Pines Lake has been a bit patchy during the lead up to this match but with some sensible pegging, everyone was hopeful of a few fish. Mick had drawn his usual flyer, Peg 5 whilst I was happy with Peg 22 on the dam wall. I had not fished the lake for a good 6 months, so set up a maggot feeder and waggler rod to fish past the pole line. A 12.5m rig fishing deep with pellet. A rig for top 4 and a margin rig with a longer than normal length of line above the float. I had a change of depth at top 6 at an angle.
After feeding my pole lines I started on the waggler with a 6mm pellet and after 15 minutes for no bites I switched over to the maggot feeder over the same line. Another 15 minutes passed and I was having visions of the previous fortnight. I could see Mick and he had already had a carp first chuck on the maggot feeder and was playing his second.Trevor Price had one, but apart from that it was quiet.
Out to 12.5m and nothing on pellet, a switch to maggot and nothing. A look to top four and I did not expect a bite but it dipped and fish number 1 was on. Nothing else followed so I decided to fish the top 6 line at an angle. After 5 minutes I had another fish in the net. A quiet spell followed so I shortened the rig and went to 12.5m down the edge. A small common around 1.5lb came but yet again nothing, I could not string two fish together. I decided to re- feed and went back out on the waggler and maggot feeders for 1/2hr to give the lines some rest. Back in on the pole lines I managed to sneak another couple of fish, however I was having to wait for bites. A good spell around the 4th hour saw a few more fish grace the net, but everyone else was catching now. Charlie and Mick were getting one a chuck, Charlie down the edge and top four and Mick on the maggot feeder. Del was nicking a few on the pole as was Jim Stubbings and I felt I was getting overtaken. A couple more fish towards the end of the match boosted my weight.
1st Charlie Lancaster   96lb 2oz
2nd Mick Wright         88lb 14oz
3rd Derek Smith         67lb 4oz
4th Trevor Price          66lb 4oz
5th Jim Stubbings        55lb 10oz
6th Keith Ashby          51lb 4oz
Well it was not to be today but at least the float went under, Mick has taken a 3-0 lead and is fishing well, hopefully I can pull it back went the Marsh matches start in April.

Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Drennan Alders Farm Ash Lake 07 02 17

It seems an absolute age since I wrote anything about fishing. I have not ventured out apart from a couple of pleasure days in good company. I suppose the lead up to Christmas was always going to be frantic at work, coupled with the frozen lakes afterwards just put paid to any thoughts of wetting a line. However the shakes had set in, and I was looking forward to getting out, even if I had done no preparation.
I had booked into the Tuesday Open at Alders Farm and could not wait. Mick had agreed to resume battle again for the thrashing he was given last season and the MK Nugget was back on for another year.
Having only seen the results on various forums, I was a little unsure on how it was really fishing. I fancied a peg with some depth, so anywhere from peg 6 to 21 would be good. A chat with Trevor Price saw me stocking up with some fishery micros, maggots and 4mm fishery pellets. I had come prepared to fish the pole, leaving behind the rods, mistake number 1. If nothing else, I should have taken them. Once on the bank I think everyone else had either a waggler or feeder rod set up.
After a cup of tea it was time to draw, Peg 3 stuck to Micks mitt, still manages to draw a flyer, even after such a long lay off. Whereas I was left pondering whether I should have left it another week when peg 16 was pulled out of the box.
Peg 16 can be a good peg on its day, but will not compete with the other pegs on the dam wall and with a 79lb weight coming from peg 11 on the Sunday Open, I was not too hopeful walking to the peg.
Having plenty of time to tackle up, I set up a rig for 2+2. A .3g DT Diamond with a size 16 B911 F1 hook to .16 line. I never thought I would catch on this but it was a back up line.
I also set up a .4 DT Diamond for fishing at 11m where it was a bit deeper than at 12.5m. Again a B911 F1 to .16 line. Mistake number 2. My third rig was a standard margin rig for fishing corn or maggot down the edge.
At the all in I cupped in a small pot of micros with a few 4mms mixed in on all the lines and fed a pot of maggot down the edge. I started at out at 11m and after ten minutes the float dipped and white hydro was controlling a nice plump 3 1/2lb carp to the waiting net. Despite changing baits and trying further out I could not buy a bite and after 45 minutes biteless I switched to the 2+2 line, more in desperation than anything else. Thirty minutes on this saw no bites. A look down the edge and again nothing.
Back out to 11m and a switch to double maggot saw another carp end up in the bag. 2 hours in and two bites, things were not going well. But a 100% completion rate. A positive.
The light was now playing havoc, I was struggling to see my float in the ripple and I seemed to be fishing further away from the feed area. Bite number three came in the fourth hour, this time on a 6mm pellet.
I realised that the float was moving slightly from left to right, only a little but enough, I added another few inches to the rig and held it still, bang a bite and a lost fish, next put in a liner. Was that where it was all going wrong? Mistake number 2 was not fishing a heavy enough float on the day. I think with a heavier float I would not have needed to go over depth and perhaps would have caught more. Lesson learnt.
Fish number 4 came right on the whistle and another pristine winter carp.
My weight of 14lb 4oz was never going to trouble the leaderboard, but I was happy to have just got out and done a bit of fishing. Learnt a bit more.Mick had also struggled and managed just 6 fish for 19lb to take an early lead in the MK Nugget Challenge.
1st Trevor Price 83lb Peg 2
2nd Graham West 71lb Peg 20
3rd Lee Newsom 69lb Peg 4
So mistake number one, not taking a rod with me. Nearly everyone had a couple of fish on the feeder or waggler. I may or may not have done but was definitely not when they are in the house.

Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Drennan Alders Farm Tuesday Open 01 11 2016

After a reasonably mild October ( no frosts) we have finally arrived into November to be greeted by fog, it was not too bad in places but trying to find the match lake from the top of the hill, took a bit of doing. Yet once we were down there it had started to lift. It was agreed beforehand that dependant on today's result the MK Nugget challenge will be over for this year. I was fortunate to be leading 7-6 going into today and IF I won then that was it, IF Mick won then we would have a decider somewhere next week. The reason for this is that Mick likes to have a go at the rivers around MK, baiting up a couple of swims and roving between them. Fair play to him.
So today we had 11 on the match, with a couple of no shows, probably due to the fog. The match itself was on Ash Lake and with only 11 on we could all have a bit of room.
With pools and matchman league monies taken, it was onto the draw with Mick going in first, peg 19 with the light breeze blowing in. I drew near the back and peg 7 stuck to my paw, so that was home for the day. For Company I had Trevor Price on 5, Terry Lancaster on 4 and Madd on 10. Yet I could see the dam wall and keep an eye on Mick.
With the cooler weather in mind I decided on 3 lines today, a margin maggot line in 15inches of water on a top 4, a top four line with corn and a long 11m line for pellet. I was a little surprised how deep the "out " lines were and even had to add a little line to the 11m rig. The margin rig would double up as a shallow rig if required.
At the all in I cupped a half pot of pellet to 11m and a sprinkling of maggot to the left hand margin. Starting off on the top four corn rig. I started my normal regime of 3 or 4 grains and around a dozen pellets. After 10 minutes I noticed Mick into a fish and instantly missed a bite of my own. Back out and this time I connected with a 3lb fish. Eleven more followed in the first hour but the line was slowing and even upping the feed did not work. A switch to 11m saw a few bites but I could not hit them, suspecting they were liners I went out with the margin rig and bingo, a couple of quick fish but no more. A look down the edge on maggot saw me lose a fish first put in but no more so back to the top four rig.
I made a switch to pellet banded and I was now getting a few fish on the same line I started fishing with corn. Just goes to show, a change of bait can make all the difference. I stayed on the pellet for around 3 hours picking up odd fish, but still putting fish in the net. I needed to as Mick was catching every time I looked up. By the 4th hour the match was over, Pete Archer was catching very well on peg 21 fishing SHALLOW. Has anyone told the fish its November. I asked Madd at this time if he was OK, "why " he says. I respond that I just saw him pick up a landing net. Terry was his normal warbling self, serenading Trevor with the 1812 overture, the theme from the sound of music and a bit of Abba. Charlie was busy throwing his topkits all over the place yet Mick was still catching.
I decided to go down the edge in the last hour and although I had a few fish from there it died after 45 minutes and I was back out to top four territory. Another couple before the whistle and I felt I fished a tidy and good match.
First to weigh was Roy Makins with 99-15. That Trevor is a bad man. Ken Taylor on peg 2 did not bother to weigh in. Terry placed 146-12 onto the board to lead, Trevor chipped in with 133-13, with loads of fish coming off at the net. I sneaked into second with 140-06, before Madd placed 90-15 onto our board.
Starting from peg 30, Del Smith threw back around 120lb without realising his weight was a good one on the day. Nick Rowe put 119-12 to start the board. Pete Archer romped the result with 215-03. Mick was next with 129-08, thus meaning I would gain a final MK Nugget of the year and an 8-6 win. Charlie, despite his topkit tantrums place 122-08 on the sheet.
1st Pete Archer            215-03
2nd Terry Lancaster     146-12
3rd Keith Ashby          140-06
4th Trevor Price           133-13
5th Mick Wright           129-08
6th Charlie Lancaster    122-08
So that's it for a few weeks for me, I might venture out for a pleasure day somewhere and I will be sure to let you know how I get on. I have no more matches planned but if I get the chance to fish one I will.

Sunday, 30 October 2016

Meadowlands Warren Lake & Drennan Alders Farm Winter League 29-30 Oct 2016

Double Header this week and one more still to come. Having been stood down on my shifts on the Saturday and Sunday, I thought it would be a shame to waste it by doing house stuff. instead a couple of days fishing was in order. The first was a pleasure day on Warren Pool at Meadowlands Fishery near Coventry.
I had never fished this pool before so could not tell one peg from another, but with three of us we settled into 25, 24 and 23. Vic took 25, myself 24 and Pete 23.
Vic had set up a small method feeder and long pole, whilst I opted for the long pole and margins, Pete was on long pole and also set up a standard waggler. Pete was first into some fish, small perch and odd skimmers, whilst I opted to feed 4mm fishery pellets and fish a 6mm over the top. This worked and I was picking up small skimmers. A switch to a banded 8mm saw a few larger skimmers and a couple of carp around the 14lb mark. I found I could catch on a 6mm but only odd skimmers. In hindsight I should have fished more positively for the carp as I foulhooked a couple and I was sure there were a few in the peg. I tried the margins on and off throughout the session and it was only later in the day that a few fish showed with me catching another couple of carp. Vic had a couple of carp and lost just as many from his long line. Pete had one carp that must of gone 20lb and another late on that was just as big.
Overall, I enjoyed the day out and catch up with some good friends.
Sunday saw me guesting for the Pringles team in the Drennan Alders Farm Winter League. Not having a preference to which lake I fished, I was handed peg 24 on Pines, not a good area unless it was blowing in to the bank. The reason for this is the depth. At 5m I had a good 4ft and going out to 11m it was 6ft and still sloping off. I set up a rig to fish at 5m, 11m and a shallow rig. I also set up a couple of margin rigs just in case. My plan if you can call it that was to fish corn at 5m, pellet at 11m both up and down in the water, corn to the left hand margin and maggot over GB to the right edge.
At the all in I cupped a small pot of pellet onto both the outside swims and cupped in a half pot of corn to the left hand edge. I threw a handful of maggot to the left and a small pot of GB. Starting off at 5m I drip fed some corn in regularly to try to draw a few fish in. After 10 minutes I had my first fish of around 3lb.At least I was off and running. With no more bites forthcoming I switched to 11m and tried the deck rig. A couple of missed bites for nothing. Onto the shallow rig and second put in and another carp. 2 fish in the first hour. Not good.
It was fishing hard in our corner of the lake, Pete Brand on 23 was nicking odd fish but they looked smaller, Gary Toole on 25 was also struggling with a couple of fish. For the next two hours I kept rotating the lines in the hope that one of them would come good, alas with only another couple of fish to show for it I was pinning all my hopes that the maggot line down the edge would come alive in the last hour. I had been feeding it regularly and decided to cup in a full pot and sit over it. Within 10 minutes there were tail patterns and a bite. Just got to keep them coming. To cut a long story short I had 6 fish from this line. Maybe I should have fished it earlier. Maybe they just came in late.
Overall I finished with 36lb odd for 4th in the section of 9. Tony Kay winning it with 111lb from peg 12, Roy Makins second with 68lb and Matt Kearns with 55lb for 3rd.
Overall the team finished 4th on the day. Picking up a couple of points on the team in third.
The match Lake dominated the weights on the day with 181lb winning and plenty of ton weights as back up.

Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Alders Farm Tuesday Open 25 10 16

After feeling a little disappointed with my performance last week I was determined to do better this week. I had stripped out my elastics as they have been too tight over the last few weeks. I was starting afresh, with a few lighter elastics through puller bungs but with a normal bung still in tact, this will allow me to adjust the tension to suit. Hopefully this will help, landing a lot of hooked fish.
Today's match saw 14 anglers on the venue, and with the weather still relatively mild considering the time of year, everyone was hopeful of a good days fishing.
Most of the cafe bank had gone by the time I placed my hand in the pot and true to form peg 29 came out. Not too bad, it had done well over the weekend but the reality is it should be behind peg 30 in the section. Although the fish are normally a bit bigger on 29. Mick had drawn peg 4 and would have a good weight from there, with Madd on 3. Terry had secured the fancied peg 30 and with Trevor taking the last peg in the box he would be on peg 1. Pete Aldridge had peg 8 where 200lb came from last Tuesday, so he would need an eye kept on.
I decided to fish 3 lines today rotating them, to try to keep fish coming. My first line was at 11m and would be fished with 4mm fishery feed pellets and 6mm hookers. My second line was at 10 o'clock towards the end of the bush and would be a corn and pellet line. My last line was to be at 2+2 and would be a corn line. Even though I had only 15inches depth I was sure a few fish would show up on it.
At the all in I potted a small amount of 4mms to 11m and a small pot of corn and pellet to the left hand bush. I also threw around 8 grains of corn to 2+2. Shipping out a 6mm to 11m and the float stood still, nothing, I tried to kinder a few pellets over the top and still it stood still. Over to the left hand swim and a grain of corn saw the float dip slightly and fish number one was on and soon off. Re-feed and try the 2+2 line and nothing, so back out to 11m. This time the float buried and a foul hooked fished around 2lb was in the net. No more bites were forthcoming. Back to 10 o'clock and another fish, this time around 3lb, hooked in the mouth on corn.
I could here the banter between Terry and Trevor and at times it was better than the fishing. Madd was giving Ken some on pegs 2 and 3 as they do. Meanwhile, Miick was steadily plundering the carp out of peg 4.
After another fish from 10 o'clock and I noticed a swirl over the near line. Dropping in on it the float went and the soft elastic came out before subduing a nice 6lb fish. Back out and another. That's more like it. 2 in 2 puts but alas it tailed off again. Switching between the lines kept odd fish coming throughout, however I did notice the larger fish coming from the closer swim.
At the all out I felt that I had done alright, but could not get any number of fish lined up to make a good weight. I knew peg 30 and Terry had caught well throughout, I just hoped they were smaller fish. Trevor, I think had an enjoyable day, albeit sorting out customers at the shop to start with. He had caught well on the waggler and late on down the edge on his trademark maggot approach. Ken and Madd had a decent peg to peg battle but it was Mick who triumphed for his first win on the venue. And more importantly a MK Nugget from me.
1st Mick Wright             156-13
2nd Trevor Price            136-05
3rd Terry Lancaster       103-03
4th Keith Ashby              82-07
5th Ken Taylor                79-14
6th Phil Young                 76-12
I thoroughly enjoyed today, good craic was had by all, and a good days fishing. Now looking forward to fishing the Winter League on Sunday. A few lessons learnt today and a few things to try out.

Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Alders Farm Tuesday Open 18 10 16

Three matches in 5 days, must be mad. First, the JJL event at Alders, Second, a match in Kent on the Saturday before the Tuesday Open at Alders Farm. I am knackered. Still I did manage to pinch a Nugget off Mick on the Saturday so now lead him 6-5 and with both of us fishing today, another nugget was at stake.
We had 13 anglers today, some getting in a sneaky practice before there league starts on Sunday. With everyone ready for the draw, we decided to fish Ash Lake. The weather was mild with a hint of rain in the air and the wind getting progressively stronger. At the draw, I dipped in first for a change and out came peg 1, not really where I wanted to be as I have not fished it since all the changes to the bank. From the patio, no fish were showing and this was not a good sign. Charlie was on his favourite peg 8 and Terry on 21. Pete Archer was on 29. Mick had drawn in form 27. Trevor Price was sat on peg 16.
I had heard that the previous day Terry had been clearing out some of the reeds on peg 1 to the right, so would fish a line along this new edge and set up a couple of rigs to cover the inevitable breakages and trashed rigs. I also set up a line to fish long at 11m due to the wind. Again two rigs were set up. My last line was at the corner of the wall.
At the all in I toss-potted both of the long lines with micros and shipped out a 6mm hard pellet. I missed the first couple of bites and connected with the third, a nice common around 3lb, out again and the same thing, miss a couple and then connect. I thought it might be the length of line between float and pole tip, so shortened it but this just meant I lost control of the float in the wind and it was not right. I adjusted the depth to just off bottom and a couple of fish came to the onion bag. At this point in the match I was struggling, I foul hooked a few fish and lost them and had 6 fish in the net when Dave Pontin went to the toilet, he was admitting to 17 fish, so I was way behind already. I had a quick look down the edge and had a couple of small carp around the 1lb mark so went back out after re-feeding the edge. Another couple of small fish on pellet and one on corn was getting me nowhere. I was getting bites but could not hit them despite several changes to the rig.
Back down the edge, and I started getting a few better fish on corn, only 3lb fish but better than the twister's. This again died after around 20 minutes and I went back onto the pellet. I would get a few fish shallow then have to go back onto the deck to keep bites coming. This was the story for the remainder of the match, I would catch a few then adjust, catch a few then adjust.
At the all out I knew I was battered, I had around 50 fish for a level ton. Garry on peg 2 was admitting to 40 fish on the tip at 20m with dave on 3 admitting to 40lb per net.
1st Terry Lancaster      Peg 21     202-06
2nd Trevor Price         Peg 16     201-11
3rd Charlie Lancaster  Peg 8       199-06
4th Pete Archer          Peg 29      163-08
5th Gary Page            Peg 28      152-01
6th John Clennet         Peg 5       129-13
Overall, I could not get my head straight today, there were fish in the peg and I felt that I did not do the peg justice. Lessons learnt today and feel better for having fished the peg, it has changed and with the colour dropping out a little probably knew it would be hard, so my 116-04 was not too far off the lower places, but still a long way off the winners.Still I did take a nugget of Mick, albeit by 6lb. Standings now 7-5.